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Network Design And Services

The development of tomorrow's open service market needs interconnected wired as well as wireless networks.

Our mission at DazoTech, Inc. Is to design and install secure, dependable network architectures to support the deployment of advanced modern distributed applications. The concepts developed in the Internet community and the ITU and IEEE standardization bodies have a strong impact on our efforts.

Also, our vision pursues an integrated management approach guided by the evolution in the areas of Telecommunications Management Networks (TMN), Internet Management, and Intelligent Networks (IN) that will provide an infrastructure for the management of users, resources, and services.

Finally, security is a major concern for network administrators. Our expertise includes methodology and instruments (firewall, IDS, VPN) to protect networks and services from potentially dangerous attacks.

DazoTech delivers a broad spectrum of services to our clients. Let' s face it. You probably don' t notice your computer systems network much - unless it' s down. And if your network is down, your business is down.

DazoTech offers affordable maintenance plans that include planned service for your network, significantly reducing possibilities for unplanned outages. SAMSA' s technicians will monitor your network, servers, workstations, and key points of failure such as network routers, hubs and switches, and other network electronics on a regular basis. You can rest with the assurance that all reasonable measures are being taken to prevent such disruptions as virus attacks, network intrusions, and other network security exposures.

SAMSA also offers off-hours pager contact plans, so your network can be supported outside normal business hours. your organization can benefit from our Server Maintenance Plan, our Uptime Guarantee, and our Pager Support Plan now!

Here is a summary of our skills and services:

* Network Design and Upgrades
* Network Troubleshooting and Service
* LAN/WAN Solutions
* PC Repair and Upgrades
* Computer Network Security
* Hardware & Software Sales
* Disaster Planning, Protection and Recovery
* Complete Security Planning and Consulting
* Internet Connectivity Solutions
* Custom Database Programming
* Computer Security Penetration Testing
* Computer Maintenance and Cleaning
* Network Uptime Maintenance Plan

Network Support

Our Network Technicians can customize your small business computer network solution to meet your business requirements. We will arrange for an on site networking consultation meeting, where we will spend the time required obtaining a thorough understanding of your networking needs. We can provide new network installation, upgrade your existing computer network, and provide computer network training utilizing the latest in networking technology. We understand the importance of keeping a network running at its best. With the ability to install and test both fast Ethernet and Gigabit infrastructures, our network technicians can install new cable, or upgrade existing network cable. We offer comprehensive network support contracts to ensure that your network meets your business' needs.


Computer Consulting Services

Whether you are a small business owner or a home computer user, DazoTech, Inc. can develop a computer solution to fit your requirements. We will meet with you and assist you in determining what computer solution will best fit your requirements. Please contact our sales representatives to arrange for a complimentary computer consultation.

Computer Installation

We provide complete installation services for home users and small businesses. Whether you have a single computer or an entire office, DazoTech, Inc. Networks can provide a professional on site. For our small business clients, we can minimize your downtime by installing your systems at a convenient time after business hours at no additional charge. For home users, we can schedule your computer repair service call around your schedule at no extra charge.

On Site Computer Training

DazoTech, Inc. Networks provides specialized computer training on a variety of concepts and will customize a computer training program for you. Whether you are a novice home user, or you are a new business, we can provide professional computer training to assist you in developing your computer skills and increase your employee productivity.


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